Don't forget that to define a new 3PL client you need to subscribe Basic 3PL sales package.

Let's start!

  1. To define a new client go to the Client Settings->Client tab.

2. If this is the first time that you're entering the screen, there'll be a predefined client named "MyClient". If you want you can edit this client to define your first client.

3. To add a new client to your account click the "Add New" button. The system will direct you to another form.

4. To define a client, Display Name and Official Identity fields are mandatory.

The Display Name field will be used in other screens to define the client.

The Official Identity field is the official name of your customer.

5. When your customer's profile is ready click to the "Create Client" button.

6.Congrats! Your customer profile is ready.

Now go to the other tabs to make ready the client.

  1. Set up preferences: Go to the Settings tab

  2. Define official addresses: Go to the Address tab

  3. Give users access to reach the client's data: Go to the User Access tab.

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