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Collect Information for Each Guest Attending Your Event
Collect Information for Each Guest Attending Your Event
Make event preparing easy by collecting necessary information about each guest up front so you can focus on the guest experience.
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Preparing for a fundraising event is no joke. It's HARD work, which is why Network for Good has been working on making it a little bit easier on you and your team. We want you to spend less time worrying about chasing down important guest details leading up to the event so that you can focus on more important things, like making your guests feel inspired to give while they are at your event.

Network for Good now gives you the ability to collect necessary details for each guest when tickets are purchased online or even offline. Need to collect contact information and personal preferences for your upcoming gala? Need to collect names for each person in the foursome for your golf tournament? We have you covered! Read on to find out how easy it is to collect and organize this information using Events questions.

Set Up Ticket Types to Represent Event Guests

When adding a new Essential Events ticket, you will see an option that makes it super easy to collect contact information for each guest.

It should read "Does this ticket represent a guest?"

By selecting "Yes," you'll automatically be able to collect the name, email, and mobile phone number for each guest that selects that ticket type. The questions won't be required for your ticket purchasers to answer, but it does allow them to enter that information for their party of guests if they have that information handy.

You can then also edit the questions once your page has been published, or make them required (if you wish).

This also will automatically fill in the first guests' name and email address as the individual purchasing the ticket - but not to worry, this can also be edited once the ticket has been created.

You can also add additional questions by going to the "Tickets and Sponsorships" tab in your Essential Event or Events Lite page, and selecting "Actions" next to the ticket type, then selecing "Edit Questions."

NOTE: Any additional questions you add are ticket-specific, meaning you will need to apply them to each ticket type individually to ensure they'll show up regardless of the ticket your guests select.

You will be taken to your question builder, where you can add questions to your ticket or modify existing questions.

You can also make these questions required, which means the ticket purchaser cannot complete the checkout process without providing these details for each guest. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page to publish your changes.

Add Offline Ticket Purchases

For those people that mail in their registration, or give it to you in person, you can easily record their ticket purchase along with details for each of their guests. Just go to the Guests tab on your Essential Events page, and click "Add Ticket Purchase."

After you record their ticket purchase, you can then go back to the Guests tab, locate the ticket purchaser, and click "Edit Guest Info" to record details for each guest.

Edit guest details

It is inevitable that guest names and preferences might change or need updates as the event date approaches. We make it easy to keep this information up-to-date,so that you always have the most accurate information for your guests at your fingertips.

If you need to make changes for a guest, just go to the Guests tab on the event, locate the ticket purchaser and click "Edit Guest Info" to make the necessary updates.

Download guest list and details

You can download the list of guests along with all of their information at any time before, during or after the event by going to the Guests tab on the event and clicking the "Export" button in the top right.

Use this to help you prepare for the event, check guests in as they arrive, or to import guests into your Donor Management System.

Add Your Guests to your Donor Management System

Your event may be over but there is still work to do, such as thanking the guests who attended and begin stewarding the guests who are new to your organization.

Network for Good will help you get these guests added to your Donor Management System so that you can begin these important tasks. Just click the "Add Contacts to DMS" button, under the Guests tab, to get started.

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