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Importing a Guest List from an Events Page into Donor Management
Importing a Guest List from an Events Page into Donor Management
Updated over a week ago

If you're hosting an event through our Events pages, you'll likely want to find a way to group all of your attendees together in Donor Management for easier segmenting, communication, and organization.

While Fundraising Pages automatically syncs over individuals or organizations who have purchased tickets or sponsorships to your event, it doesn't automatically sync any guests that a ticket is purchased for - even if the purchaser included guest information when they purchased their tickets.

Not to worry - we've provided steps below to import a guest list from Fundraising Pages into Donor Management in its entirety - ticket purchasers, sponsors, AND guests. We'll also show you how to import that list in as a group, so those guests are easily identifiable in Donor Management.

Exporting a Guest List from an Events Page

You'll first want to make sure you're already within Fundraising Pages - if you're seeing your Dashboard, you'll want to click on "My Tools", and select the option for "Fundraising Pages" within the dropdown menu options.

Once in Fundraising Pages, you'll want to locate the Events page in question and click on the "Manage" button in the Event tile.

Once you're on the "Events Overview" page, you'll want to click on the "Guests" tab towards the top of your screen. (You do not have to click "Edit" on this page, as it will take you away from the section you need to be viewing!)

From the "Guests" tab, you should see a blue "Export" button towards the top-right corner of the page. You'll want to select the "CSV" file type in order to ensure that the formatting is Excel-friendly and compatible with Donor Management.

You should now see a copy of that guest list download directly to your computer or device as a .CSV file - depending on your personal settings, it may be in your "downloads" file, or perhaps your "desktop."

Importing a Guest List into Donor Management

Now that you've got your guest list exported from Fundraising Pages, you'll want to return back to Donor Management by clicking on the "My Tools" button in the top-right corner of Fundraising Pages, and selecting the option for "Donor Management."

You'll then want to create a group with a name that matches or correlates with the event in question, such as "2024 Gala Guests" or "Fourth Annual Golf Tournament Participants."

Once you've created that group, you can go back to the .CSV file that you downloaded from Fundraising Pages and remove any extraneous information you don't want to include in the import. You will need to include guest name and their emails in the file, but no other fields are required (unless you'd like to include that information!).

In that same .CSV file, you're going to want to add a new column. The header for that column will be the name of the new group you just created, and you'll want to put an "X" in each row of that column; in other words, you'll want to indicate everyone on this spreadsheet should be added to that new group.

Finally, you'll want to save that .CSV file and use the Import tool within Donor Management to add those guests - as well as add them automatically to that group you just created!

Why can't I just create a filter within Donor Management?

Creating a filter in Donor Management can help you determine who has purchased a ticket or sponsorship to your event - but it doesn't capture any guests that didn't purchase a ticket.

For example, perhaps John Smith bought two tickets to your gala for himself and his spouse. If you were to run a filter in Donor Management for anyone who purchased a ticket to the gala, it would include John - but it wouldn't include his spouse. Exporting the file from Fundraising Pages would include both John and his spouse.

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