Are there any fees associated with a Network for Good transaction?

Yes, there is a flat 3% fee included for every transaction that is processed through Network for Good’s branded fundraising pages available to our subscribers, such as Fundraising Pages or our Legacy DonateNow platform.

Why do some transactions have a higher processing fee?

There are some instances where the processing fee for transactions may be higher due to where the transaction took place. For example, a donation that was created and charged through our NFG Give site would be subject to a 5% fee.

Other transactions may have additional processing fees if they were made through some of our partner sites, such as Charity Navigator. Transaction fees on our partner pages will vary for our partners and campaigns, depending on the services and support provided for that particular partnership.

Why do Network for Good Auctions have an additional “Stripe fee”?

Network for Good Auctions currently utilize Stripe to securely process transactions, and the “Stripe fee” covers the use of the Stripe processor for those transactions.

Why is Network for Good charging us a processing fee? Are you making money off our donor’s transactions?

Network for Good works with the major credit card companies to provide the lowest possible processing fee for transactions made through our system.

The processing fee covers those fees charged to process and handle credit card transactions and the related support of those transactions. They are used to pay banks and other administrative costs.

What fees are associated with a transaction made through Facebook?

Facebook covers all related fees for transactions that Network for Good processes on their behalf, so our nonprofit customers and their donors do not have to.

For more on our relationship with Facebook, please check out our related article here.

What if I have switched to Quick Pay for processing transactions?

If your organization has switched to Quick Pay for processing transactions, the 3% NFG processing would still apply. Quick Pay also has an additional $15 fee for any chargebacks processed on behalf of your donors.

For more on using Quick Pay as an alternative payment processor, please check out our FAQ article here.

If we are using Stripe for our Auctions pages, how do we request the “nonprofit rate?”

Stripe does offer a lower, “nonprofit” rate for their processing fees, that is available upon request.

In order to initiate this request, please email with the following information:

  • Your EIN, or a letter from the IRS designating your 501(c)(3) status

  • Confirmation of the primary email address associated with your Stripe account

  • Confirmation that greater than 80% of your payment volume will be tax deductible donations.

For more information on this lower rate, please check out Stripe’s related support article here.

If I am using Stripe for our Auctions pages, am I automatically set up to use Stripe?

No, you will need to set up your own Stripe account for use with our Auctions pages. For more on this process, please check out Stripe’s set-up instructions here.

Do donors have the option to cover the processing fee?

Nonprofits can opt to provide their donors the option to cover the processing fee during checkout, so that your organization receives a greater percentage of the intended donation from your donors.

You can turn this setting for your donors on (or off) in your Fundraising Pages account, under Settings.

Can we require our donors to cover the processing fee?

We strive to give your donors the most agency as possible in donating to your organization – so while you can provide donors with the option to cover the fee, the fee cannot be required of your donors.

If a donor requests a refund for a transaction where they covered the processing fee, will they be refunded for both the transaction and the fee?

Yes, your donor will receive a refund for the entire transaction that they made.

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