Want to easily upload a spreadsheet of contacts or donations to Donor Management yourself, without relying on Network for Good import specialists? You’re in good company - that’s why we have our handy self-importer!

Here’s a How-To

If you haven't already, definitely check out our Data Self-Import Live Training to learn everything you need to know about the self-import process and how to avoid any errors! You can also download our template for more help in formatting your data.

From the Contacts or Giving screen, click Import in the top right corner.

When you get to the Import screen, you can click Import your spreadsheet to add a new file for import.

After you click Import your spreadsheet you will be taken to the file upload screen where you can drag & drop the file you want to import.

If you’re not quite sure if your file is ready, scroll down to view all available import fields (along with helpful tips and tricks about the best way to format your data!)

After you upload your file it’s time to map your fields. “Mapping” is simply choosing what column on your spreadsheet corresponds to each field in Donor Management. Some columns will be automatically mapped, but be sure to double check that everything looks right. To re-map a column, just click on Edit Column to make the change. (You can also ignore columns by clicking on Edit Column and checking the ignore box.)

After you have mapped your columns you’ll be asked to do a final review before the import begins.

Once you confirm everything looks great, you’re ready to import! The next screen will show you the progress of your import. You will receive an email confirmation when your import has finished processing. 

If there are any errors you’ll receive a detailed report delivered to your email. Rows of data containing errors will not be imported, but all other records will be in the system.

Note: All addresses imported into your donor management system will be automatically abbreviated. For example, Boulevard to Blvd., Street to St., etc. This helps ensure all addresses match up to the USPS record, and helps reduce duplicates.

Congrats! Your data is ready for action!

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Frequently Asked Questions when Importing

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