Whether you are logging in for the first time, or have forgotten your password and need to reset it, the steps below will help you access your account. 

First, head to the Network for Good login page.

Then click Forgot password?

On the next screen you'll enter the email address associated with your account, and click Send Password Reset Email.

NOTE: If you log in using your EIN, you'll click the link in the bottom section of this screen instead of entering your email. Only Network for Good users with paid accounts will use their email address.

Now check your email, click the password reset link, and set your new password.  Once your password is set, you will be able to login!

Password Troubleshooting Tips

Help! I didn't receive an email!

It's OK! Don't panic. Our password reset emails are automated, so can sometimes be caught up in your spam or junk folder. Check there to make sure that you didn't miss something.

Nope, nothing in my spam...

Not a problem. There's one more step you'll want to try.

You've got to add this email address to your "approved senders" list:


Instructions for adding email senders to your approved senders will vary based on your email program. Check out this article for detailed instructions on how to add an email to that list from your particular email client - then try sending that password reset email once more.

It still didn't work!

Uh-oh! Okay, now's the time to call for help. If you have an IT person you can rely on, they may be able to readjust your email settings to make the password email come through. Check with them first!

If you're sill having trouble, you can contact Network for Good customer support at our toll-free number - (888) 284-7978 - or by clicking the blue dot in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. 

Let them know the steps you've taken so far, so they can get you exactly the help you need. Our friendly support agents are available Monday - Friday, from 9am - 7pm EST, to help you out!

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