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How to Review Donation Information for Your Monthly Disbursement
How to Review Donation Information for Your Monthly Disbursement
Updated over a week ago

You can easily see the donations, fees, and donors (if they are not anonymous) associated with each monthly disbursement from Bonterra by logging in to Bonterra’s Giving System (formerly known as DonateNow Lite).

Signing Up for Access to Bonterra’s Giving System 

If your nonprofit has never signed up for the Giving System before, you can register using the fields located under the heading "I Need to Register."

Logging In to Bonterra’s Giving System  

If you already have a password associated with your EIN you can log in here to access your donation tracking report.  

Why is this a separate login from my Fundraising Pages or Donor Management Account?  

All the information for Bonterra donations from all sources and donation partners are found in the Giving System (also known as DonateNow Lite). This includes donations made through any of our corporate partners, our consumer giving site, as well as your Bonterra donation page. The Giving System gives all nonprofits access to all available donation information included in each monthly check.  

I’m a DonateNow customer, where do I find my disbursement information?  
Any customers who previously utilized Bonterra's DonateNow platform in the past will now has access to Bonterra's Giving System (DonateNow Lite), which includes disbursement data for your organization.

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