1.1 Creating Your First Auction
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NOTE: This article is the first in our introductory series on our Standalone Auctions product.

If you also utilize our All-in-One Donor Management platform, you may want to check out this collection of Auctions articles instead.

Are you ready to take the first steps in creating a new auction page for your upcoming event?

To create your new Auction, you’ll first want to log into your Auctions platform. (You’ll want to use the email address and password you created when you signed up.)

Not sure how to log in? Forgot your password? Click here to get help with logging in.

When the page re-loads, you should now be able to see your Auctions Dashboard. This is the screen where you’ll be able to add and manage all your future auctions in one place!

Next, you’ll want to click on the option to “Add Auction,” towards the top of the screen.

This should now take you into a set-up page, where you can enter the details of your upcoming auction.

What are the details of this auction?

This page will ask you to fill out the following basic information:

  • Title – This is where you’ll enter the name of your auction.

  • Short Name – This automatically-generated field creates a shorter “identifier” that will be used in your auction’s link to make sure your guests are brought to that specific auction page.

  • Description – This is where you can add a description of your auction, as well as images or logos for your event. (This section also has no character limit, so you can provide as much detail on your auction as you’d like!)

  • Start At – This is where you’ll select the start date and time for your auction.

  • End At – This is where you’ll select the end date and time for your auction.

  • Time Zone – This is where you can change the time zone that your auction is being held in, so that the start and end times for the event are scheduled correctly.

How do you want to handle notifications?

The next section will ask you to select some options regarding notifications you can send your attendees about the auction.

You will have the option to select for automatic notifications to be sent out for the following:

  • Auction Starting – This email notification is sent to all registered bidders when the auction has officially started.

  • Auction Ending – This email notification is sent to all registered bidders approximately twenty minutes prior to the auction’s scheduled end time.

  • Auction Ended with Commitments to Pay – This email notification is sent after the auction has ended to bidders that need to pay for items they have won.

Once you’ve filled out this information and selected the appropriate notifications, you can click on the “Save and Exit” button at the bottom of the screen – and voila! You’ve created your very own Auction!

From the Auctions Dashboard, you should now be able to see and click on the auction you just created, as well as select the option to “Edit” any of those details you’ve entered by selecting the “Actions” button next to your auction.

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