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5.2 How to Run a Paddle Raise Through Your Auction
5.2 How to Run a Paddle Raise Through Your Auction
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NOTE: This article is the second in our series on recommended “best practices” for your Standalone Auctions.

If you also utilize our All-in-One Donor Management platform, you may want to check out this collection of Auctions articles instead.

When doing a paddle raise at your in-person event, you can collect donation amounts pledged during the paddle raise and input them into the bidder's profile - so their donation amount is added to their cart before they check out.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure all attendees are registered on the platform so they have an assigned bidder number. Use their assigned bidder number on the paddles.

  • Run your paddle raise before your auction end time. That way, bidders can checkout all at once with items they won during any and all portions of your auction (silent, live, or paddle raise).

  • When the paddle raise has begun, designate someone to record bidder numbers and donation commitments so you can manually enter them into their bidder profile later.

  • Once your paddle raise is over (and before the end time of your entire auction) manually add each donation to a bidder’s profile.

  • When your auction has ended, the bidder will be prompted to check out and input credit card details for payment processing.

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