5.1 Running a Live Auction
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NOTE: This article is the first in our series on recommended “best practices” for your Standalone Auctions.

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How can I run a “live” auction with our Auctions platform?

If your organization is running a “live” auction (meaning the bidding is happening live, usually with an auctioneer present), you can still use your Auctions platform to showcase your available items, communicate with your winners, and collect and track payments made for winning bids.

When adding a new item, you’ll have the option to select the item’s type as a “Live” item.

This will make the item and its starting bid visible for your auction participants – but won’t allow them to place bids through the platform on those items.

Once the auction has been held and the winners have been selected, your organization can manually add bids to those live items for the winning participants.

We also recommend that you set the Auction’s end date for after the live portion of the auction is over, so that you can add the winners to those live items prior to the Auction’s “close.” This will allow those winners during the live portion to receive a link automatically to check out via the platform once the Auction has concluded.

NOTE: Some items may have more than one winner (such as if your organization is auctioning off ten of the same gift card), so be sure that your “live” items are set to include multiple winners, if needed.

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