How to set up a coupon code to allow customer discounts.
Written by Dan Minchom
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Vouchers can offer a percentage discount, a fixed discount, or a fixed price. These can be applicable to any products or formats that you specify, we can also exclude any items, eg current releases and pre-orders.

Vouchers can be single or multiple use, and we can set clear time limits to be redeemed. We can also set sensible limits so they are not abused, eg maximum number of items in cart.

The voucher can be the same code for all users, eg YOURBRAND10PC, or we can provide you with unique voucher codes. Unique codes have the advantage of making the customer feel the promotion is more targeted towards them, but then you will need to find out way to deliver unique codes to your fans.

The character limit on codes is 12 characters, numbers or letters only.

Please always be very clear in your communications about any limits or conditions imposed, eg not valid on XYZ, to be used before this date/time so we don't get people trying to redeem these in 5 years time.

Please note: we can't offer a single free track that is part of a release with a voucher, if you want to give away free tracks then we will need you to make a 1-track product.

Please complete the below form and alert the Operations team at operations@ochre-platform.com for any new voucher requests.

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