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OCC Home delivery Chart Submission
OCC Home delivery Chart Submission
Written by Dan Minchom
Updated over a week ago

Ochre can submit sales data to the OCC for shipments that are dispatched from our warehouse. We can only do this if:

You only submit customer retail orders to Whiplash via the API. If there are any UK wholesale or promo orders can we cannot provide this service.

Sales are submitted to the OCC on the day that they ship. Shipping prior to release date is permitted for the product to land with the customer on the release date. If sales are submitted in advance the OCC will include these sales in the chart on the release date. You must not ship so that the customer receives their purchase in advance of release date.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct UPC is in our systems and submitted to the OCC and other Charts Companies.


Merchandise and music bundles must conform to OCC rules. This requires getting written sign-off from the OCC. We can provide introductions for you to arrange this if necessary. The OCC rules include the following headline requirements:

  • The individual items must also all be available to purchase separately.

  • The discount provided on the bundled items must not be greater than 20%

  • Bundles may require a separate UPC to be generated.

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