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Getting notified about DDEX deliveries
Getting notified about DDEX deliveries

How to stay on top of newly ingested releases and updates.

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Digital deliveries will mean that new releases and updates to existing releases happen automatically. To ensure that you're aware of any updates, you can subscribe to email notifications.

A daily email notification will be sent to all subscribed users, updating them about release ingestions from the previous day.

This email will contain a list of all the attempted release deliveries: successful and unsuccessful, with reasons for any ingestion failures stated.

How to subscribe to notifications

The notification email can be subscribed to from your user account.

Users > Actions > Edit Daily Reports Email Subscription

From the form, select Digital delivery report email and submit

Email contents

The notification email will list digital deliveries grouped by store (if you are running multiple stores on Ochre).


Updated fields will be stated. This might include:

  • release date

  • track titles

  • deal territories

  • takedowns

The email will include a CSV attachment listing the same set of items, with columns for delivery details.

New releases

If you have been notified that you have new releases added to your store, you will go to the store to activate the releases. For each go to:

Product > Actions > Activate Product, Formats and Tracks

Unsuccessful deliveries

For any unsuccessful deliveries you will need to get in touch with your distributor to resolve any issues with the delivery data.

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