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Setting pre-order dates to launch a release
Setting pre-order dates to launch a release

Set the date a product becomes visible on your store and available for preorder.

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By setting a pre-order date on a product format, you can define the date at which it becomes visible to customers.

The product will be hidden if there are no formats are visible, so by setting a pre-order date on all formats you can set a launch date for a product in advance. The product will automatically go live on the date specified.

The product will be visible at 00:00 (midnight) UTC+0. It is not currently possible to define a specific time at which the product will go live.

If no pre-order date is set, then the product will be visible (if it is active).

How to set a pre-order date

Go to the format edit form. There will be an optional date field for pre-order date.

Format > Edit Product Format


If a digital format was created as part of a DDEX delivery, then the date fields will not be editable. Product availability is defined by DDEX deal pre-order, start and end dates (set per territory). We will set the format pre-order date based on the earliest territory pre-order date (if set) or use the earliest territory deal start date.

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