Adding new users

How to give others access to your Ochre store.

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To allow others to collaborate on your Ochre store, you will need to add them as a new user.

Setting up user accounts for each user is important as it allows an audit trail of who created or last edited an item.

To see a list of existing store users and their permissions, go to Account > Users in the sidebar.

How to add a new user

If you have Admin permission then you will be able to add new users and edit user permissions.

From the user listing, you can add new users

  1. Click Add User

  2. Enter email address

  3. Enter name and job title (both optional)

  4. Submit

You will then be taken to a form to set user permissions.

Setting user permissions

If you want the user to have access to all areas of the app, including account statements, grant them the Admin permission. Otherwise select the app areas you want them to access. For instance, granting access to stock management, but not account statements.

Once the user has been created they will receive an invite email to set a password and log in.

If they already have access to another Ochre store, then they will be able to log in with their existing account. They will see the new store listed on the landing page.

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