Setting user permissions

How to change which areas of the app users have access to.

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Setting the permissions on a user account limits access to certain areas of your store. This allows you to control who can manage products, stock, sales, etc.

When creating a new user you will have the opportunity to set their permissions, but you can also edit permissions for existing users.

How to edit user permissions

To see a list of existing store users and their permissions, go to Account > Users in the sidebar.

You can edit user permissions by clicking on the user and then clicking Edit Permissions.

Users > User > Edit Permissions

Setting user permissions

If you want the user to have access to all areas of the app, grant them the Admin permission. Otherwise select the app areas you want them to access. For instance, granting access to stock management, but not account statements.

Each app area has two permissions (e.g. Product, Product: Manage)

  • normal - allows the user to view the content only

  • manage - allows the user to edit content


Users will need to log out and in again before updated permissions take effect.

The permission to view account statements needs to be granted by a member of the Ochre operations team, please contact us to do this.

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