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Controlling the Handy remotely
Controlling the Handy remotely

Guide for controlling the Handy remotely, so you can share the experience.

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Before you begin, make sure that the Handy that you want control have been connected to the internet.

You can find out how to connect your Handy here.

Make sure your Handy is in Online Mode

Press and release the online button so that the LED starts pulsing with a magenta Light.

Once The light starts pulsing slower, it means that you're connected.

If the LED instead flashes red, it means that it failed to connect. In that case, try repeating this processes a few more times.

If it still doesn't work, please contact us:

Method 1: Controlling via Handyfeeling or Handyverse

First, go to or open the Handyverse app and once there click on the connect button in the top right corner of the page:

Once you click, a window will appear prompting you to use your connection key to connect, make sure to input it properly and click on connect.

If the button says: "Connected", then you're already connected and are ready to proceed

You should now be able to see a "Share key with partner" button, this will open a small section with a URL.

Copy that URL and give it to the person you want to remotely control your Handy.

Once you open this link, you can see the controls on a new section.

Once here, you can adjust speed via the slider, the stroke via the second slider.

The second slider showcases the stroke length for the movement, the closer the two ends are, the smaller the movement.

Method 2: Handy Onboarding App

Once you connect your Handy to the Handy Onboarding App, you should be able to see a button named Remote Control.

Once you click there, the controls will appear on screen as the image below. The idea for these controls are the same as the previous one. One slider controls speed while the other controls the range of the stroke.

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of the connection, you can't use the Onboarding App for long distance sessions but the app should allow you for more local usage of a remote control.

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