Updating your Handy

Guide on updating tour Handy with the latest version of the Firmware.

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The Handy is constantly updated with new features and bug fixes. It can be updated quickly and safely over Wi-Fi.

NOTE: You need to connect your Handy to Wi-Fi to update the firmware.

1. Plug the Handy into the power supply.

2. Connect the Handy to Wi-Fi by clicking the Wi-Fi button once.

Reference for Wi-Fi button

4. Click the Connect button in the top-right corner.

5. On the popup, enter your connection key and click Connect.

If you don’t know your connection key, read this article to learn how to find it.

6. Once your Handy connects, the popup will prompt you to update your Handy.

Update Dialogue

7. Simply follow the update process to get to the latest firmware.

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