How to Get Your API Key in Follow Up Boss

  1. The first thing you need to do is get the FUB API key by logging in to Follow Up Boss.

  2. Go to Admin then select More and click API.

  3. From the API Key field box, click Show or Copy

How to Connect your OTC Account to Follow Up Boss

  1. From the left sidebar, hover your mouse over the gear icon and click Apps & API's.

  2. Select Follow Up Boss.

  3. Paste the API key into the field box and click Insert.

  4. Once the API key is added, go to the property transaction then hover your mouse to the More tab and click Follow Up Boss.

Note: There are 3 options that you will find when you connect your FUB API key to your OTC account and these are the content sync, deal sync, and FUB widget.

Follow Up Boss Access Issue

If this error or issue appears in your FUB OTC, please check if the transaction is currently assigned to one of the team members. If yes, please reassign the property to you because OTC cannot cross-pollinate API access inside of a transaction.

For example, if a transaction is assigned to John and Jane tries to connect their API (e.g. FUB, SS, Dotloop, Google Drive, Outlook, Etc) to the transaction, it will not work. Jane must reassign the property to her before syncing content or importing contacts.

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