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How To Connect To Follow Up Boss
How To Connect To Follow Up Boss
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Using Follow Up Boss with Open To Close helps you save time by preventing duplicate work in each system. The connection between the two software will allow you to sync and update your deals, sync field data to your contacts, manage your tasks, and use the Follow Up Boss widget.

The first step is to ensure that your integration is enabled in Follow Up Boss. If the integration has already been enabled by a Follow Up Boss admin, you can skip to the section below that goes over how to create the API Keys in Follow Up Boss. Otherwise, continue with the next steps to enable the integration.

Pro Tip:

The API Keys are created within Follow Up Boss and added to Open To Close to connect the two software. We recommend having two windows or tabs open on your browser, one with Open To Close and the other with Follow Up Boss.

Enable the Open To Close Integration in Follow Up Boss

The first thing you'll want to do is log into your Follow Up Boss account. Find the option for Admin on the header and then select Integrations.

Image shows the Admin option to the far right on the main header in Follow Up Boss. That opens a second header below the first with Integrations to the left of API.

This will take you to all of the different integrations that Follow Up Boss has. Scroll down to the Embedded Apps section and click on Open To Close. You can read through what the integration includes before enabling it.

Image shows the Open To Close card under the Embedded Apps section.

Once that's done, go back to the Admin section and click on API.

Image shows the two headers again with the API option on the bottom header to the right of Integrations.

Creating an API Key in Follow Up Boss for Open To Close

Now that you are in the API section, click on the Create API Key button to create one for Open To Close.

Image shows the API Settings section with a blue button that says Create API Key to the far right of the API Settings.

Enter a name for the new API Key. It should relate to what the key is for. In the image below, the API key name includes the user and what integration is going to be connected for clarity.

Once you have the name entered, click on Create API Key.

This opens a new screen where you will enter your API Key name in the text box before clicking on the Create API Key button in the lower right corner.

You will be presented with a unique API Key tied to the name you created. To move forward with the process, you will need to click on Copy to copy the API Key.

The same screen will show API Key Created in the upper left corner with the API Key in the text box. To the right of the key and in the text box is Copy. Click on this to copy the key.

After you click on Copy, make sure it shows Copied! before you click on Done. API Keys are locked behind a wall of encryption and are only viewable once for security measures.

Image shows the text box with the API Key now says Copied to the right of the key. The Done button is now clickable which is in the lower right corner.

Adding the Follow Up Boss API Key in Open To Close

Now that you have the API Key copied, log into your Open To Close account. Go to your Settings (gear icon) and select Apps & APIs.

You will automatically land on the Apps page where you can find the Follow Up Boss option.

Very Important:

When you are the sole member of your Open To Close organization, you will automatically have access to add in as many Follow Up Boss API Keys as needed under the Apps & APIs section of Open To Close.

If you are a team member within Open To Close, you may need your Permissions updated to access the Follow Up Boss integration in Open To Close. Check with your Open To Close admin if you do not see the Follow Up Boss integration under Apps & APIs.

Click on Manage Profiles and paste the API Key you copied from Follow Up Boss. Enter the API Key title before clicking Submit. A best practice is to make sure the API Key title in Follow Up Boss matches the title in Open To Close.

This will add the new API connection to the Current Connection section.


For a team member to see the Follow Up Boss API connection option, they will need to have the permission set for this. Skip ahead to this section to learn how to do this if you are an admin on the Open To Close account.

To give access to the other Follow Up Boss API profiles added into Open To Close, click on the person icon to the right of the API connection.

Next, select the team members that need access to this API. This will then give them the ability to add that profile to a property for the Deal Sync, Contact Sync, Follow Up Boss widget, and tasks.

Don't forget!

You will need to select each team member on each API profile to give them access.

Access Follow Up Boss Profiles Permission

If an Open To Close user doesn't have access to connect the Follow Up Boss API, you may need to update a permission on their profile. This can be done by going to your Settings (gear icon), selecting Organization & Users, and clicking on Permissions next to the team member you want to add the permission to.

This specific permission is under the APIs section, titled Follow Up Boss Profiles.

Follow Up Boss Access Issue

If you run into an error stating there was a problem accessing the Follow Up Boss profile, you may need to check your API Key in Follow Up Boss to make sure it wasn't accidentally deleted.

There is also a chance that the property you are trying to connect is not assigned to you in Open To Close. For the API connection to work, you have to reassign the Open To Close property to yourself. Follow along with this article to learn more about assigning properties in Open To Close.

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