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Setting Up Your Class on OpenProcessing
Setting Up Your Class on OpenProcessing

Follow these easy steps and you will be coding with your students in seconds.

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Setting up your class and starting to code with your students is easy.Β 

1. Create Your Class
​Follow this link to create your class. Once you submit the form, you will land on your class page, which will host all your sketches with your students.

2. Invite Your Students
After creating your class, you will receive an email with the invite URL you can share with your students. You can also find this invite URL by clicking "Invite Students" button on your class page. At this time, please check again if you want your students to have Standard or Restricted Student Accounts for FERPA and COPPA compliance.

3. Wait for Your Students Join 😴
Following the invite URL you share, your students will be asked to create an account (or sign in if they have already done so) on OpenProcessing. If you require Restricted Student Accounts, they will be able to join only by providing a username and password. For Standard accounts, they will join by providing name, email and password.

Once they create an account or sign in, they will land on your class page and automatically join your class as a student. They will also be upgraded to Plus+ Membership automatically.

You can refresh the class page in your browser to see your students on your class:

You can refresh the class page in your browser to see your students on your class:

4. Start Coding and Submit Sketches!
All is set with your class. You and your students click "Create a Sketch" to start coding. Once you save your sketches, you can submit them to your class. Easiest way is to click on the share icon on the sketch page and to "Submit to Class" dropdown.

Other option is to go to your class page and click "Add Sketch" button under each collection.

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