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Add co-teachers or assistants
Add co-teachers or assistants

It is easy to co-teach your class using our class platform. Here is how.

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Once added, a co-teacher will have the same privileges as you. They can

  • submit sketches,

  • remove student sketches, or move them between collections,

  • add/remove collections,

  • edit class title, description and other settings.

They can not, however, delete the class. Your class can only be deleted by the teacher who created it.

A co-teacher in your classes will also have access to Plus+ Membership features like your students, as long as your ProfessorPlus+ Membership is active.
If you are teaching multiple classes together, all the classes should be initially created by the primary teacher with the ProfessorPlus+ Membership, not the co-teacher.ย 

How to Add a Co-teacher

On your class page, click on "Edit Class" and "Invite Co-teacher" in class settings. Type in the email address of the teacher, and we will send them an email with a private URL to join your class.


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