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Deadlines for Assignments
Deadlines for Assignments

You can easily add deadlines to your collections in your class.

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We made it easier to add deadlines and keep track of late submissions with this new feature. You can add a deadline to any collection in your class by following below.

  • Click 3 dots to edit your collection.

  • Enable the deadline toggle

  • Set the time and date of the deadline

  • Save the collection

Once added, deadline information will be displayed to your students under the collection description. Note that we do not send any emails regarding this deadline, so it is up to your students to meet the deadline.

Students can still submit their projects to your collection after the deadline, but these sketches will be marked as "Late" for you to identify.

Note that the deadline is set per your current timezone. If you are traveling while setting this deadline, remember to set the time per the timezone of your school location (or wherever your students are).

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