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Folders simply act as categories to help organise your documents, for example, ‘Internal’, ‘External’ and ‘Marketing’. You'll notice that any folders can be selected from your admin homepage which will take you directly to any document(s) that use it.

All documents in your account will need to sit within a folder which can be set up under Documents > Settings or when you create a new document.

Create a new folder

Option 1

  • Log into PageTiger.

  • Select Documents from the main menu followed by ‘Settings’.

  • Select ‘Folders’.

  • Select the green ‘Add’ button.

  • Enter the name for the Folder followed by the ‘Save’ button.

The next time you create a new document, the folder will be available to select.

Option 2

  • Select ‘Create Document’ followed by ‘TigerDesigner’ or ‘Upload a File’.

  • Choose how you would like to create your document (for example, using the Layout Library or by uploading a PDF).

  • Choose the ‘Full Control’ option on the ‘Create Destination Version’ page.

  • Select the green ‘Add’ button next to the ‘Folder’ drop-down list.

  • Enter the name for the Folder and save.

You can then continue with the section to create and save your new document.

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