Assessments: How to add a 'Result'
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What is a 'Result'?

A 'result' is a pop-up box that displays once a visitor has submitted an assessment. More than one result can be added, and by default, there are two available - Pass and Fail.

How to edit/set up a result

You should have already added an Assessment module to your page - if not, please follow these instructions first.

  1. Select the 'Results tab'.

  2. Give the result a suitable name in the 'Result Name' field.

  3. Drag the results bar to match your desired pass mark. (note: This will, in turn, update the 'Fail' mark).

  4. Select if the result is a 'Neutral', 'Passed' or 'Failed' outcome from the 'Outcome' drop-down list.

  5. Enter some text into the 'Result Message' field - this is the text that the visitor will see once they have submitted the assessment.

It's possible to award a visitor a badge or certificate when a visitor achieves a specific result.

What does a Result look like?

Once a visitor has submitted an Assessment module they will be greeted with a pop-up box - this is the 'Result'. Which one they see will depend on their score - for example, if they passed the quiz, they will see the 'Pass' result.

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