ABA files can be uploaded to your internet banking provider and used to pay your employees.

As a Payroller user, you can download an ABA file to do this.

To set this up, go to the Settings section in the column on the left-hand side.

Click on ‘Employee Payment Options’.

Select ‘Payment File Settings’.

Fill out the details as it asks for them. Once this is complete, click ‘Save & Close’.

Please note: for NAB APCA ID is not required and will be ignored, please enter 000000 in this field to proceed.

Some financial institutions require a self-balancing transaction on their aba files, please check with your financial institution if you need this on your file. If this is required please tick ‘Include Self Balancing Transaction’

To download the ABA file for a completed pay run, go to the Run Payroll section in the left-hand side column.

Click on the relevant completed pay run.

Press the ‘Pay’ button.

Click on ‘Download ABA File’.

If the details are all correct, hit ‘Download’.

Note that once you’ve downloaded the ABA file, you aren’t able to open it as it requires a specific program to open it and it is written entirely in code.

Once it’s downloaded, you’ll need to upload it to your internet banking provider.

Each bank has a slightly different way of doing this. You can find the instructions here.

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