There are 5 different statuses your pay run might be.

These include

Below are their meanings and what they look like:


A draft pay run will be labeled Draft and have a grey dot.

This means that the pay run is still being edited and yet to be submitted.


A completed pay run will be labeled Done and have a green dot.

This means that the pay run has been completed and submitted, however, it has not yet been sent to the ATO.

To submit this pay run to the ATO, click on it and press Report STP.

This will not automatically be sent to the ATO. You need to manually report STP to do so.


A pay run that has just been sent to the ATO will be labeled Pending and have a yellow dot.

This means that it has been sent to the ATO and they are currently receiving the pay run.

Generally, this should only take a matter of minutes, however, if the ATO's server is slow, it may take longer.

If it has been Pending for a while, it may help to log out and log back in to see if there have been any changes.

STP Done

A successfully reported pay run will be labeled STP Done and have a blue dot.

This means that the pay run has been successfully sent to and received by the ATO.

STP Failed

A failed pay run will be labeled as STP Failed and have a red dot.

This means that there was an error while STP was being reported and as a result, STP was not able to be sent.

You can attempt to resubmit this pay run again, however, if your STP failed due to any of the below reasons you may need to contact the ATO to resolve this issue.

Some reasons STP may have failed:

  • You have not nominated Payroller to the ATO

  • If you're an agent, you may have nominated your clients' software IDs under your practice's Access Manager. The software ID for each client will need to be registered separately for each individual business and with their own ABN

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