You may be required to update your Register App as we continue to develop new features for it.

If so, this article explains how you do this.


In order to check that you are running the latest version of the App, you must have 

  • Completely closed the Register App since your last time of use. You can do this by switching off the tablet and switch it back on again or by closing the app through the app management page on the tablet.

  • Ensure that your tablet is connected to WiFi or to the Internet through your Network Provider. 

To update the Register App

Open the Register App. This displays the login screen.

The app will automatically check against the Pebble server that you are running the latest version. If a new update is available you will see the following message: A newer version of the program is available. Do you want to update?

  • Tap Yes to continue to a secondary message re-confirming the update.

  • Tap Ok to continue.

Note: You will not experience a loss of data as the Register App directly sources all the data it uses from Tali. After the update is done and you login to the updated Register App all your data will reappear.

  • Confirm the installation of the update by tapping the Install button at the bottom of final screen.

This completes the update.

Login to the Updated Register App

Login to the Register App from the home screen and reload your group, account and pupil data.

If the automatic update does not start on your table

If the automatic update does not start on your tablet you can manually update the Register App.

Important! Make sure you've uploaded your data to the server first. 

Then select the Check for updates button on the Upload Data screen.

This starts the automatic process as described earlier in the document.

Confirm the update has worked

To confirm the update has worked please check the Register App login screen.

You will notice the update has taken effect if you see the additional option to Enable keypad.

  • Please make sure this is unchecked.

Once you have logged in please tap the Refresh button on all screens to ensure your data is up to date on your Register App.

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