MISapp isn’t updating names

If MISapp fails to update names automatically in Tali, this may be because your network server has been re-installed, moved or taken off-line completely.

The quickest way to correct this is to reinstall MISapp. For more information, see the Article, Installing MISapp. If you do this, you will also need to set up the schools again and the tasks you had set up before. For more information, see the Articles, Setting up Schools and Managing MISapp tasks.
Note: If you cannot remember your MISapp Email, Password or Organisation ID you will need to contact us to obtain these. You can do this by emailing support@mypebble.co.uk.

Thank you for spending the time reading this and as always if you need further help or assistance then please do drop us a 'chat', bottom right of your Tali software - 'Send us a Message' or if MISapp is still not communicating with Tali, please book a call with our technical department by following this link - Book Help

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