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How to download/use source files?
How to download/use source files?
Updated over a week ago

There are several ways to download source files based on if you have access to adobe, and for those who do not.

If it is a Photoshop file, open the file and find the specific layer in the bottom right-hand corner. Right-click the layer and click “Export as”- and export it with your necessary size and file formatting.

If it is an Illustrator file, and the image is NOT grouped correctly: Drag your mouse around the image you’d like to export. Use your keyboards special button aka right-click + G, for Apple users, it is Command + G. Right-click and chooses “Export Selection” and choose the specific size and file format you need. If the image is grouped correctly, simply right-click, select “Export selection” and export the image with the specific size and file format needed.

If you do not have Adobe access, add the specific request within future project descriptions. If you've already received the project before this, simply email to get this done for you as quickly as possible.

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