What skills do I need to start using Perspective Funnels?

What professional and technical skills do I require to use the software and create funnels successfully?

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What technical skills do I need?

For one, you will need a stable internet connection to use Perspective Funnels smoothly and avoid long loading times.

We recommend downloading the Google Chrome browser to use Perspective Funnels in the best possible way. Based on our experience, Perspective Funnels works best in this browser.

You can download Google Chrome here.

What professional requirements do I need?

Step 1: Building and publishing funnels

You should have a basic knowledge of how to use computers and software, as this will help you navigate Perspective Funnels easily. Moreover, it is essential to put some thought into your target audience, positioning, niche, and your value proposition before you create your funnels. In doing so, you will make sure your funnel will be successful.

Using our software, we provide you with design templates that allow you to create your mobile funnel with a few simple clicks and publish it on an instant domain.

Step 2: Sharing your funnel with the world

In the next step, you want to share your funnel with the world. Having marketing and sales skills would be a big advantage to you!

It helps you, for example, to know something about creating advertising campaigns, setting up Facebook ads, enabling tracking, and handling digital leads.

We provide you with the ability to publish your funnel on your own domain and utilize various integrations. To do that, you require a certain level of technical affinity.

Note 💡

We provide you with a variety of helpful and inspiring resources, including great examples of successful funnels HERE.

We also offer support along the entire funnel building process within your “Path to Success” that you can find directly in your account.

Find more information to the following topics here:

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