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How do I link pages in my funnel to optimize conversions?
How do I link pages in my funnel to optimize conversions?

By strategically placing links, you can improve your funnel’s user experience, ultimately increasing conversions.

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How do I customize the linking?

To customize the linking of a quiz field, click slightly next to the quiz field. On the left sidebar by the lightning icon you can then select where your visitor should be redirected when clicking on this field.

What linking options are available?

We recommend the following options:

Option 1) Linking to the next page

This is how you redirect your funnel’s visitors to the next page within the funnel when they click on an answer box or button.

Option 2) Linking to another page in the funnel

Here you can select the page that the visitor should see directly next upon clicking the answer button. This can also be used to set up jumps in the funnel, e.g. sending an applicant to a rejection page.

Option 3) Linking to an external URL

Using this setting, you have the option to:

  1. Link to another funnel within Perspective

  2. Link to pages outside of Perspective

Here are a few ideas on what you can do with this option:

  • Personalize the messaging in your funnel by linking two funnels together:
    For example, imagine you are selling sports apparel. You can have Funnel 1 ask whether the person is male or female and then link to a second funnel specifically tailored to their gender.

  • Send funnel visitors to your Facebook page or group.

  • Direct funnel visitors to your YouTube channel.

  • Redirect funnel visitors to your Facebook Messenger.

Time to get creative! You can enjoy complete flexibility in how you want to use these options.

Note 💡

Keep your funnels simpler rather than too complex to increase conversions and stay on top of things.

Find additional information on the following topics in our Help Center:

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