1. Naming of zones in PULPO WMS:

PULPO WMS organises a warehouse by creating the following zones:

  • Incoming goods: For incoming good that are accepted, i.e., do not have defects.

  • Incoming goods, blocked: For incoming good that are not accepted, e.g. due to defects, and should not be treated as available stock.

  • Storage: Regular storage places.

  • Packing: Location where products are packed into shipping boxes after picking.

  • Shipping: Packed orders waiting to be picked up by the shipping company.

2. Nomenclature of storage positions in PULPO WMS:

Within the above logic PULPO WMS allows to create an unlimited number of positions. PULPO WMS will created the barcodes for all positions.

For regular storage positions PULPO WMS uses the following nomenclature:

  • 1. Charakter: Zone

  • 2. Number: Aisle

  • 3. Number: Row

  • 4. Number: Shelf

  • 5. Number: Level (counting from lowest to highest)

  • 6. Number: Position (counting from left to right)

3. Example of the Nomenclature:

For the position in zone 7, aisle 1, row 1, shelf 1, level 2, position 4, the code would be 7-1-1-1-2-4:

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