Once an outgoing order has been canceled from PULPO WMS Web App but the picking had already been started it is important to complete this picking so that the user does not get blocked with this incomplete task.

The picking task is carried out as normal, please see article: Standard and Split picking tasks using the PULPO WMS Mobile App

After the picking is finished and the product is left in the packing position Pulpo will automatically create a movement of type sales order cancelled to put the product back into storage.

  1. go to the movement option in the main menu

  2. here you can find the movement task type sales order cancelled

3. perform the movement task, in case you don't know how to perform a movement task please see article: Move & store products inside the warehouse

❗️ NOTE: It is very important to carry out this movement task type sales order cancelled so that the inventory is updated again and you can recreate outgoing orders with this product.

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