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About cover art

When releasing music with Record Union, you will need to upload cover art for each release. This will be associated with your release on the music services your music becomes available on.

Important things to remember

  • QUALITY & SIZE: Your cover art must be square and at least 1400 x 1400 pixels (we recommend 3000 x 3000), and a maximum of 10MB. We accept JPG or PNG formats. Make sure the image isn’t blurry, pixelated, misaligned, rotated, and doesn’t have any other quality issues. 

  • ORIGINAL COVER ART: If your release has been released before, you must use the original cover art. 

  • MISSMATCHING TEXT: If your cover art contains the release title, an artist name, or the name of any collaborator, it needs to exactly match what you have provided in the release info/metadata. For example, if the cover art says 'Faye feat. Ross', Ross must be marked as a Featuring Artist on the release (and not a Primary Artist).

  • UNNECESSARY TEXT: The stores do not allow text that refers to other releases or products, or text that may lead to confusion about the title or the artists on the release. We therefore recommend only including the release title, artist name(s), and optionally the label on your cover art.

  • TRADEMARKED AND COPYRIGHTED IMAGES: You can’t use any trademarked or copyrighted content such as logos - this includes the logos of Spotify, Apple Music, and other music stores. If you use photos or illustrations for your cover art, please ensure that you have permission in place to use them.

  • LINKS: Please make sure your cover art doesn’t contain any social handles or website links (including your own), or refer to any specific music service or retailer.

Note: The image should be a square. If it's over 1400 x 1400 pixels, you can crop it to a square when uploading it to your release.

If the image you provide is not compliant with the stores’ guidelines, we will not be able to deliver the release. The content team reserves the right to edit the cover art to get your release live, or place it on hold and contact you for a replacement.

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