Step 1

New release: Make sure to choose a store package that includes Facebook/Instagram, and wait for the release to go live. (It takes around 5-8 working days for us to process your release.)

Old release: Your music is already available on Instagram, move on to Step 2!

Step 2

You are now able to find your track within the Music sticker. Just search for it and select it. YouTube tutorials >>


- I can't find the Music sticker
As far as we understand, the Music sticker isn't available for all types of accounts and older versions of the app. Some territories might not have it yet either. We recommend visiting Instagram's official channels for more information.

- I can't find my track when I search for it!
You can check if you've added Facebook/Instagram to your release by going to Releases > Manage Music > click Actions under the release in question > View detailed information. If you didn't, you can add Facebook/Instagram by clicking 'Add new stores' at the bottom. After that, the track with be available to add on Instagram Stories within 3-5 working days.

Please note that some content is not approved for Facebook/Instagram - such as meditation, yoga and sleep music, comedy recordings, classical music recordings of compositions in the public domain, audiobooks, podcasts, nature and wildlife recordings. Music with the same instrumental/beat as other available tracks and samples are also likely to be denied.

- When I click on the artist on the track, it says "No profile has been linked to this artist"
Facebook/Instagram have an algorithm that is working hard all the time to match tracks to their artists pages. In your case, it hasn't quite managed to link your Instagram account with your tracks yet. But don't worry, all the tracks will eventually link up to the correct page - thanks for your patience!

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