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What is an A&R, and how does it work?
What is an A&R, and how does it work?
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Music labels employ A&R representatives to discover and sign new talent. At Record Union, however, we embrace our independence.

The A&R role is available to individuals and organizations involved in the music industry. Experience with digital media and promotion is an added advantage.

Is the A&R role a job?

Nope. A&R’s are not employed by Record Union, but rather act as representatives and ambassadors for our services.

It is important that you do not present yourself as our employee. Misrepresentation of your role or other violations of our A&R Terms could lead to the cancellation of your A&R account and forfeiture of commissions.

How does the commission work?

After you recruit an artist and they release music through their connected account, you’ll receive a commission based on their music’s streaming and sales performance.

You'll earn a commission for all of the music they release through Record Union, not just their free release. The best part is that your A&R commission does not affect the artists’ royalties! We pay you separately.

Initially, we’ll pay you a 2.5% commission. By adding more artists to your roster, you can unlock higher commission rates to earn as much as 7.5%.

Of course, we can only pay commission for music distributed or sold through an artist’s Record Union account that is connected to yours when they sign up. Be sure they use your unique link when they sign up!

How does an A&R recruit artists?

When you are in contact with an artist who wants to distribute their own music, give them your unique sign-up link.

You can find that link under Build Your Roster on your A&R Home page.

After an artist signs up with Record Union through your link, they'll get a free year of our service for their first release and you'll earn a commission.

You’ll be able to see them in Roster where you can follow their progress and help promote their music.

What do artists get when they sign up through my unique link?

Your recruited artists get a free year of distribution for their first release!

They earn the same royalty rate if they sign up through your link or if they sign up on their own, so the free year of service is a great incentive for them to use your link!

The commission you earn from their releases does not affect their royalties. We pay you separately.

As always, Record Union members are always in complete control of their music and retain 100% ownership.

What happens with the A&R deal after the first year?

As an A&R, you have the power to offer new users a year of free distribution for one release. That can be a single, an EP or even an entire album.

When the first year has passed, the artist will start to move over to our regular prices.

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