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Review Step: Always review your upload before clicking submit
Review Step: Always review your upload before clicking submit

Don't forget to review!

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Review Your Upload

The Review step is the final step of the upload process. Always review your upload before clicking submit! Even Ninjas make mistakes.

Review your goal, where you purchased the data, when you purchased and if the records have been skip traced. Your csv and mapping information will be on the right side of the screen.

The most important section to review is your mapping. The names on the left are the column names from your csv file, the names on the right are the sections you have mapped these columns to. Check each name and make sure you have mapped correctly.

Reviewing the mapping step here can help prevent mistakes like mapping a name or address to the tags, list, or phone tags column and potentially save you hours of account clean up time!

Once you verify everything is correct, click Finish Upload to upload your csv.

Tracking Upload Progress

You can track the progress of your upload by going to the Upload tab on your Activity page. Once the upload is complete you can view a breakdown of the records that were added.

Note: if you see another step after review, it means you have reached your upload limit. For more information on upload limits, check out Upload Limits & How to Purchase Additional Space

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