In this article we discuss what can cause an upload to fail and how to troubleshoot so you can upload your file successfully.

Checking the Status of an Upload

You can check the status of your upload by going to the Activity -> Upload section of your account.

An upload status will be listed as enqueued (waiting to be processed), processing, complete, or failed.

What Causes Failed Uploads?

There are data requirements for each field you can upload and map to in REISift. When an upload fails, it is usually due to one or more columns in the csv not meeting the data requirements for the field you are mapping to.

Examples: Including letters or special characters in a value field, having the date in the wrong format, or exceeding the character limit for a field.

You can view a full list of the data requirements and acceptable formats in the Sift Dojo under Upload Parameters and Template.

To troubleshoot your failed uploads, check the columns you're mapping in REISift with our data requirements and make sure the data is formatted correctly. Once you correct the csv, reupload and your file should upload successfully.

Failed upload due to date formats

Mapping date columns and seeing failed uploads? Edit the dates and use one of the acceptable formats shown below.

Valid Date Formats:

Failed Upload due to Invalid Values or Amounts

Mapping a tax delinquent value, estimated value, last sales price, or other amount/value column? Include only numbers in these columns. Including letters or special characters in value fields can cause the upload to fail.

Valid Value Formats:
Type: Decimal

Max Digits: 20

Failed Upload due to Exceeding the Character Limit

Some fields have character limits. Exceeding the character limit can cause an upload to fail. This happens most frequently when uploading and mapping mortgage type.

Some data providers include a long description for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac mortgage types, similar to the screenshot below:

The mortgage type field has a character limit of 128 characters. Including notes or long descriptions for the mortgage/loan type and exceeding the character limit will cause an upload to fail.

If your csv file contains a description similar to the one above, remove the long description after Freddie Mac and reupload your file. It should upload successfully.

Need more help? Check each column your mapping and confirm it matches the data requirements listed in the Sift Dojo under Upload Parameters and Template. If your upload still fails, message support from within your REISift account by clicking the arrow next to your name at the top right of the page and Talk to Us

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