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Custom Statuses Overview
Custom Statuses Overview

How to create and manage custom statuses

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In this video we discuss how to create new Custom Statuses and an overview of the Statuses page.

Custom statuses can be used for your different marketing phases to track your call or SMS attempts, for different flip project phases, or you can create statuses for the different departments in your company, such as marketing and acquisitions to simplify who needs to work on the records. These are just a few examples, there are many different possibilities with custom statuses

The amount of custom statuses you can create in your account varies per plan:
Essentials plan - up to 3 custom statuses

Professional - up to 8 custom statuses

Business Plan - Unlimited

Creating Custom Statuses

You'll start by clicking Statuses located on the left side bar of your account. The REISift default statuses and any custom statuses you create will be located on this page.

To create a new custom status, click Create Custom Status at the top right of the page.

Enter the name of the status and select a color. The color you select will be the background color in the pill where the status is displayed on the records page.

Once you enter the status name and select a color, click Create Status.

You can reorder statuses by clicking the icon to the left of the status name and dragging and dropping. When you are applying a status to a record, the statuses will appear in the same order as shown on the Statuses page.

Managing Custom Statuses

You can view only the custom statuses you have created by toggling Only show my custom statuses at the top right of the Statuses page.

The Created By section shows the user who created the status in your account. Default statuses will show REISift as the creator.

We indicate the number of properties associated with each status. Once a status has been applied to a property, you can click Show Properties to view all properties with this status.

Disabling Custom Statuses

Toggling the Active section will disable the status, or make active again. When disabling statuses with properties associated with it, you will need to confirm you want to disable to typing "Disable Forever".

When a status is disabled, the status will be removed from any properties and these properties have no status.

Editing and Deleting Custom Statuses

To edit or delete a custom status, click the 3 dots to the right of the status.

When editing a custom status, we will automatically update the status name and/or color for any records with this status.

If you edit a status name, and the status was included in a filter preset, you will need to edit the filter preset so that the new status name is included.

If the status was included in a sequence, you will need to recreate the sequence to update the status name.

When deleting a custom status, you will need to confirm you want to delete by typing Delete Forever. Similar to when a status is disabled, deleting a status will remove the status from any properties. These properties will now show as having no status.

Uploading Properties with Custom Statuses

Custom statuses must be created in your account before you can associate the status with a property. You can add new properties or update existing properties with custom statuses on upload, just be sure to create the status from the status page first.

Including a new status in your csv and uploading before creating the status in your account will result in the properties having no status.

Statuses are not case sensitive. For example, if the status is Hot Lead in your account, uploading as hot lead or HOT LEAD is acceptable.

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