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Assigning Records to a User
Assigning Records to a User

How to assign property records to your team

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Assigning records to your team makes it easy for each user to see which records they need to work on. Some user roles can only see and access records that are assigned to them, so be sure to also assign records to the roles below when assigning tasks.

User roles that can only view and access records that are assigned to them:

  • Acquisitions

  • Dispositions

  • Researcher

  • Prospector

The Lead Manager role can access any records that are assigned to themselves or someone else. They would not be able to view records that are not assigned to any user.

Property records can be assigned to users from within the property details page or from the Records page.

Assigning Records within the Property Details page

Property records can be assigned individually from within the Property Details page.
From the Records page, open the property record you want to assign, and select the assignee towards the top right of the page.

Assigning records in Bulk from the Records page

You can assign a single record or multiple records to a user from the Records page.
First, filter for the records you want to assign and select the records.

Next, go to Manage -> Assign to user.

Here you can remove the assignee by selecting Clear Assignee or assign the records to a user by selecting their user name. Next, click Save and assign.

You can track the progress from the Activity -> Actions page.

Want to view all records assigned to a certain user (or records that have no assignee)? Try filtering by assignee.

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