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Creating Task Groups and Task Presets
Creating Task Groups and Task Presets

How to create Task Groups and Task Presets in your REISift account

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Tasks help ensure your team are all on the same page and each team member knows what they need to work on for the day. Creating task groups and task presets allows you to organize your tasks and add tasks without needing to recreate them each time. Task presets can also be used in sequences to automatically be added to records.

Task groups and presets are fully customizable so you can create them based on your own workflows and processes.

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Creating Task Groups

First, select Tasks on the left side bar of your account, then select Configure Presets.

To create a new group, select Create new group towards the bottom of the page.

Name the group, then select Submit to create.

Creating Task Presets

To add tasks to the group, select Add New Preset.

First, enter a name for the task.
​Note: In this example we are creating Sensei flow follow up tasks. If you have multiple team members doing Sensei flow follow ups, create a set of tasks for each team member and include their name in the task name.

Next, select the user or role the task will be assigned to. The User Round Robin option allows you to select specific users to round robin assign tasks to. Additionally, you can round robin tasks by role or to all users in the account by selecting the Everybody option and checking Round Robin.

Select a deadline for the task. You can select due dates based on the number of days, weeks, or months. To choose a time the task is due, uncheck all day task and enter a time. If you do not want the task to have an active deadline, toggle active deadline off.

Notes/Instructions are optional. This section can be used for instructions or any information that will help your team to complete the task.

Select Create Task Preset to save.

Applying Task Presets

Tasks can be added in bulk from the Records page, from within an individual record, a card in SiftLine, or automatically through sequences.

From the Records page, select the records you want to add tasks to, then go to Manage -> Add tasks.

Next, select Choose a Preset, and select which task you want to add. To add all tasks in a preset, select Add all tasks.

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