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Activity Log Overview

REISift Activity Log: Track event history and audit your REI deals

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The Activity Log is a powerful feature in REISift designed to help you analyze and improve your business processes. By leveraging the insights provided by the Activity Log, you can reverse engineer your successes and identify areas for improvement. This guide will show you how to effectively use the Activity Log to audit your deals, ensuring you can replicate successful strategies and address any gaps in your processes.

What is the Activity Log?

The Activity Log provides a comprehensive history of each deal, tracking every action from the moment a property is added to your account until the deal closes. This includes:

  • Initial outreach efforts

  • Call events and recordings (with Aircall, smrtPhone & smrtDialer integrations)

  • Follow-up activities

  • Key interactions with property owners

Benefits of Using the Activity Log

  1. Reverse Engineering Success: By reviewing the details of successful deals, you can pinpoint what made them work. Did a specific script or approach lead to success? Were calls and follow-ups perfectly timed? Understanding these factors allows you to replicate effective strategies.

  2. Identifying Gaps: For deals that didn’t go through, the Activity Log helps you identify what went wrong. Were follow-up calls missed? Was the timing of interactions off? Recognizing these gaps can help you refine your approach to prevent similar issues in the future.

  3. Tracking Team Activities: The activity log will show each update or change to the record and which team member made the change.

How to Use the Activity Log

  1. Accessing the Activity Log:

    • Navigate to the specific record you want to review.

    • Click the Activity Log tab just below the map/gallyer to see a detailed timeline of actions taken.

  2. Analyzing a Successful Deal:

    • Review the sequence of actions from initial contact to closing.

    • Note any unique scripts, outreach methods, or timing strategies used.

    • Share these insights with your team to replicate in future deals.

  3. Reviewing a Lost Deal:

    • Examine the log for any missed follow-ups or poorly timed actions.

    • Identify potential reasons for the deal falling through.

    • Discuss these findings with your team and brainstorm ways to improve.

Weekly Review Challenge

To make the most of the Activity Log, incorporate regular review sessions into your routine. When a deal closes or you notice a failure, tag the record as Review Deal or Review Failures. On your weekly team meetings, filter by the Review Deal tag and review these events on the activity log. If a deal is lost, critique why then change the status to Reviewed Deal.

  • Analyze a Successful Deal:

    • What went right?

    • Can you identify strategies or tactics that contributed to the success?

    • How can you apply these strategies to other deals?

  • Review a Lost Deal:

    • What went wrong?

    • Were there missed opportunities for follow-up?

    • Was the timing of interactions a factor?

The Activity Log is an invaluable tool for any business looking to optimize their deal processes. By regularly reviewing and analyzing your deals, you can uncover crucial insights that help you replicate successes and address any gaps. Make it a habit to audit your deals with the Activity Log and watch your business grow.

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