Manual RMA Creation is a powerful part of Originate that allows you to make exceptions to restrictions that would normally be in place for customers lodging return requests in your return center.

Staff members who work on processing RMAs should be aware of Manual Creation advantages. While staff should adhere to your company's return policies, they should also be aware of when and how to make exceptions for special-case scenarios.

To watch a tutorial on how to create a manual RMA, click here.

Limitations that can be bypassed with Manual RMA Creation:

All Return Windows

  1. Using the Manual RMA Creation option allows you to bypass all return windows.

Certain SKUs

  1. Using the Manual RMA Creation option allows you to complete returns for products that are deemed non-exchangeable and are specified within the Exchange Product Exclusions setting. Products that are customized for the customer and thus not resellable may be included in Exchange Product Exclusions, for example. To see an article about how to utilize the Exchange Product Exclusions feature, click here.

Product Rules

  1. SKUs that were tagged in Shopify as unreturnable, with a final sale tag and relate to a product rule in settings.

  2. SKUs that are part of a category of product that you have tagged and deemed unreturnable. For example, entire categories of items that are not re-sellable after they're sold. To see an article on how to utilize Product Rules, click here.

Returns for Products that are not in your Shopify Catalog

  1. Manual RMA Creation allows you to complete a return for limited edition, final sale, custom, deleted, or archived products that are no longer part of the customer-facing product catalog.

Additional advantages of Manual RMA Creation

Shipping Label Selection

  1. Manual RMA Creation prompts you to select the type of label you'd prefer to use for shipping. When customers use the return center, the shipping label is automatically selected and defaults to the most affordable option available. If you'd like to offer the customer expedited or overnight shipping for example, Manual RMA Creation would be the way to select that if your shipping provider offers it.

  2. If you have several different shipping providers to choose from, you can select which of the providers will generate the label.

International Shipping

  1. ReturnLogic automatically defaults to customer shipping for out-of-country customers. If you want to generate a shipping label for a customer who is not located in your home country, you would use Manual RMA Creation to generate a shipping label. Using Manual RMA Creation is the only way to create the customs forms that are required for this kind of return.

Additional case uses for Manual RMA Creation

  1. The customer can't access the email that they used to purchase the product.

  2. The customer can't easily use the return center after attempting troubleshooting steps related to their browser, device, or internet connection. To read the help article on troubleshooting in the return center, click here.

  3. The customer can't easily use your return center due to other miscellaneous limitations.

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