Set up an auto-invest order

How to set up an auto-invest order, and how auto-invest orders are processed.

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How to set up an order

  1. Log in to Sharesies.

  2. Head to Explore > Auto invest

  3. Search for and add the investments you want to include in your order. You can choose from a range of NZ, Aussie, and US investments.

  4. Allocate a percentage to each investment. This determines how your money will be split between the investments in your order when it’s placed. Once the percentage totals 100%, select Next.

  5. Set the amount (the minimum is $5), frequency, and start date for your order.

  6. Personalise your order with a name and image, or skip this step.

  7. Read and accept the Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) for any funds you added to your order.

  8. Your auto-invest is now active.

  9. You can have up to five auto-invest orders set up at any one time. If you want to add another order, head to Explore > Auto invest and select the order you want to create.

Once your order is active

You can pause, edit, switch, or delete your order at any time by heading to Portfolio > Activity and selecting the order you want to manage.

You’ll need to make sure you have enough money in your Sharesies Wallet by 12 PM (AET) on the trading weekday your auto-invest order is due to processed. We recommend setting up an automatic payment from your bank account to land in your Wallet the day before your order goes out.

Auto-invest orders are processed in the local currency of each investment. If you don’t hold enough of an investment’s local currency, we’ll try to exchange money using any Australian dollars you hold.

Fees apply to auto-invest orders.

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