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There may be situations where we need to close your Sharesies account—like if you breach our terms and conditions or community guidelines.

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There are a few reasons why your Sharesies account may be closed.

  • A breach of the Sharesies terms and conditions, e.g. questions about the Nature and Purpose of your account have not been supplied or approved

  • A breach of our community guidelines, e.g. your conduct was found inappropriate according to our Sharesies Community Code of Conduct.

As part of our account closure process, we reach out via email or phone detailing the reason for account closure and what happens to any value held in your account after it is closed.

You may also be charged an account closure fee, depending on the reason for your account being closed.

Here is a quick summary of what we can do when your account is closed

If you have money or investments held in your Wallet at the closure deadline, the following process can take place under our T&Cs:

  • Investments held will be sold at the market rate at the time of sale

  • any foreign currency will be converted at the exchange rate at the time

  • all remaining money, minus applicable fees, will be held for you.

To check if you have a remaining balance and have your money returned, here’s what to do next

  • Open the pink chat bubble at the bottom right of this page and send us a message

  • you’ll be connected with an Investor Care team member who’ll get some details from you and arrange for your money to be returned.

If we don’t hear from you?

We’ll continue to hold your money under the IRD’s Holding unclaimed money policy. After five years, we will pass the balance held in your account to the IRD.

Once closed, an account with us cannot be reopened. You can, however, create a new one by signing up via

If you get stuck or have further questions, just send us an email or a message.

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