Manage Event Ticket Sales & Attendees

Learn how to view and manage ticket orders and event attendees

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Click the "Publish" tab, then select "Events" from the right hand panel to access all your events. Click the 3-dot icon and select "Manage" 

Sales Report

Click the "Sales Report" tab to view a summary of total ticket sales, total attendees, and number of tickets sold

To process a comped ticket, click the "Comp Ticket" button. Enter the required fields, then click "Assign Tickets" 

Optionally, you can send an email notification to the customer by checking off the "send notification" checkbox.

Note that the value of the comped ticket will not impact gross income
and the number of attendees will increase based on the quantity of comped tickets

Event Attendees

Click the "Attendees" tab to see a list of people who purchased a ticket, the list includes comped tickets. 

Click the "Edit" button to view more details about the purchase or click "Resend" to send the details to the customer.

To download the list, click the "Download CSV" button

Event Orders

Click the "Orders" tab to view a list of ticket orders. You can filter the list by fulfillment status.

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