Create a Ticketed Event

Learn how to create and sell ticket events on your website

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Step 1 - Create an Event

Step 2 - Toggle on 'Ticketed event?'

Step 3 - Enter Required Ticket Details

  • Ticket Name

  • Ticket Description

  • Available quantity 

  • Price (set to zero if ticket is free)

  • Service Fee (%)

Tip: In order to allow customers to purchased tickets that have a price directly from your website, you'll need to make sure you have your Store settings filled in and connected to a payment processor.  Otherwise, tickets would need to be paid-in-person at the event by your customer.

Optionally, you can limit the number of tickets bought per transaction and add applicable taxes

Click the "Update" button to save your settings.

To make the event visible on your website, you can add an Events Page or an Event Block on a Page.

When the event is clicked on the website, a "Purchase" button and the remaining number of tickets is displayed on that event's page.

To do a test purchase, check out this article on How to Do a Test Purchase Using a Discount Code.

When all the tickets has been purchased, the event is displayed as "Sold Out" and people can no longer make any purchases (you can always manually increase the number of tickets if you can accommodate more purchases).

All purchased tickets can be viewed and managed from the Order Page, click here to learn How to Manage Event Ticket Sales & Attendees

Multiple Ticket Variations

You can create multiple ticket variations that may differ in price or description. Click "Add a ticket type" to add a variation.

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