This article explains what 'Locations' are on SocioCommand; how to create a Location, add channels to a Location and edit a Location.
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Locations are how we group separate Channels (meaning a business's Social Media pages) belonging to one physical Location.

All social media Channels belonging to a store will be sorted into one Location bearing that store's name. This allows SocioCommand users to easily add that Location to a Group, check its performance, and direct the correct posts and content its way.

Locations are important, as this is also how you'll add users to the system. This is also where all store-level users will upload content, see local weather and events, look at their own reporting, and much more.

All Channels must be added to a Location in SocioCommand - this is so we can Group them and direct the right posts and content their way.

How to add a Location to SocioCommand:

  1. Visit the VenueProfile module in SocioCommand & navigate to the Locations tab at the top of the page. Once there, click the 'Add Location' button.

  2. Start by providing some basic info, the Location's name and address.

  3. Now click 'Users', you can add any users to this Location that may already be on the system from the provided drop-down - or, you can invite new users using the form at the bottom of this page.

  4. Finally, click 'Channels', and select any Channels that will be Grouped within this Location - if you can't find the Channels you're looking for here, they may not have been connected yet to SocioCommand, or they may be assigned to another Location. A Channel may only be assigned to one Location at a time.

  5. Don't forget to save all of your updates before navigating out of this screen.

You can edit any of this information, delete channels from a location or delete a location altogether at any time. This will not disconnect the channels on SocioCommand but it will remove any local users from SocioLocal.

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