This article explains what 'Groups' are on SocioCommand; how to create a Group, add Locations to a Group and edit a Group.

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Groups are how we group separate Locations. This allows you to easily post to a group of your stores that sell certain items or are offering certain promotions. It also allows you to check a group of your store’s performance in our Business Intelligence module.

Groups are how you'll identify which Locations are part of specific promotions segments, which stores have opted in/out of campaigns, and generally manage your stores into the marketing Groups that work best for you; and a great way to separate different cohorts for reporting purposes. Stores can, of course, be members of as many Groups as necessary at the same time.

How to add a Group to SocioCommand:

  1. Visit the Venue Profile module in SocioCommand & navigate to the Groups tab at the top of the page. Once there, click the 'Create Group' button.

  2. Give the Group a name that will be easy to recognize for everyone using it later.

  3. Add the Locations you would like to assign to this Group.

  4. Add any users as needed.

  5. Don't forget to click Save before exiting the Groups screen.

You can edit any of this information, delete locations from a group or delete a group altogether at any time. This will not disconnect the channels or delete any locations on SocioCommand.

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